Bran Ferren, former president of Research and Development at the Walt Disney Company, talks to Dan Heaton on The Tomorrow Society Podcast.

[…] The technical hurdles to make [attractions] function properly every time are massive, especially for new technologies. That makes it so interesting to talk with the brilliant thinkers working to make dreams a reality. Bran Ferren is a perfect example. During his 10 years at Disney, Ferren looked towards the future with attractions and a lot more that pushed the limits of technology.

Ferren is [Dan Heaton's] guest on this episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast. During the show, [they] talk about challenges in creating attractions like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Test Track during the 1990s. As the president of Research and Development for the Walt Disney Company, Ferren’s work goes beyond attractions and looks to the future of the industry.

Beyond work at Disney, Ferren started multiple companies, owns hundreds of patents, and served clients in a variety of industries. As the chief creative officer and co-founder of Applied Minds, Ferren speaks regularly at conferences and other events. His background with engineering and art makes him the perfect person to shine at Walt Disney Imagineering.