We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Diane Disney Miller, daughter of the legendary Walt Disney as she shared with us some information on the recently released DVD, Walt - The Man Behind the Myth. Here's what she had to say.

PSi:  First, for the benefit of our readers, could you please introduce yourself?


Well, my name is Diane Disney Miller, the daughter of Walt Disney, and I believe we're here to talk about the DVD we're putting out.

PSi:  Yes - that's it. I know it wasn't like Walt to plan of failure, but did Walt ever mention what he would like to do if the animation studio didn't work out?


Yeah - when he left his failed business in Kansas City, he was 21 years old and he came to Hollywood to become a director. No one seemed to need him. He tried to get into the studios and he couldn't get beyond the front gates so he decided, 'I guess I better go back to being an animator.' But he always had dreams of being a director and early on, an actor.