Listen to Blurred Radio episodes free, on demand. A Look into the Mind of a Disney Imagineer: Today on Blurred, we sit down with John Dennis, Executive Creative Director of Music at Walt Disney Imagineering. John talks to us about the continually evolving role of music throughout the Disney Parks, how to tell Disney stories across cultures and around the world, and how to maintain a deep culture of innovation in the heart of a global brand.

Plus, how he became an Imagineer, passing glances into Disney Lore, the intensely interdisciplinary nature of WDI… It’s a fascinating and informative peek into the work that goes into Disney attractions around the world, and serves as a beautiful example of the blur we all love. This episode is for sound designers, composers, engineers, and anyone who loves Disneyland. So, for everyone.


  • 00:02:00  Intro: Who is John Dennis?
  • 00:04:25  How has Disney’s use of music evolved?
  • 00:12:00  How WDI achieves such an immersive sound experience
  • 00:15:25  Assessing Attraction Performance over Time
  • 00:22:30  Maintaining the Balance between Art and Commerce
  • 00:26:45  Walt’s Musical Legacy in the 21st Century
  • 00:32:45  Finding the Exact Right Idea and Developing your Instincts
  • 00:34:30  How to Develop Your Creative Instincts
  • 00:38:45  Telling Disney Stories Across Cultures
  • 00:42:30  The Challenges of Virtual Reality
  • 00:45:45  Next Steps, Future Projects and Reaching Out