Every costume, every ride, and every moment in a Disney theme park is scripted to suspend reality and make visitors believe they’re in a magical world filled with happy people, beautiful princesses, fantastical animals, exciting rides, and idealistic visions of the future. But a theme park is a temporary experience—guests have no choice but to go back to their ordinary lives at the end of the day. In the 1990s, Disney moved beyond the realm of fantasy and cooked up a plan for an actual town for actual people, where the Disney dream didn’t shut down every night: Celebration, Florida.

In this Nice Try! bonus episode, taped live at the 92Y on August 6, host Avery Trufelman and New York Times writer Caity Weaver dive into Disney’s utopian design forays, from Epcot—an acronym for the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”—to Celebration, Florida.