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Hw Horribilis, the really big star of Walt Disney Productions dramatic adventure feature, ‘‘King of the Grizzlies," is certainly not a new horror movie player and obviously not a continental import. Its only the Latin classification for the, translated, "horrible bear" or the mighty grizzly, the most aggressive of the bear family, whose comings and goings, from youth to maturity, are vividly portrayed, in the exciting new Disney film. The naturalist Ord gave him the Latin title in 1815 because of his ferocious nature, but the common name of grizzly took hold due to the grizzled, silvery guard hairs in his furry coat.

Ernest Thompson Seton, the prolific nature writer and artist-illustrator who wrote the book on which Walt Disney Productions dramatic adventure, "King of the Grizzlies," is based, gained his first-hand knowledge of animals by living in the wilds from the age of six. When his impoverished family, which included nine brothers, had to leave England they settled in the backwoods of Ontario, Canada where he learned woodcraft.