When [Dan Heaton] talked to former Disney Imagineers about colleagues they admire, a name that comes up frequently is Don Carson. His expertise in theme park design is evident through his diverse career at Disney and well beyond. Carson joined Walt Disney Imagineering in 1989 and quickly began work as the lead show designer on Splash Mountain in Florida. That project initially seemed like a clone of Disneyland’s version, but the reality was much different. Carson worked for several years on a classic attraction that guests still love 27 years after it opened.

Carson is [Dan's] guest on this episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast. [They] talk about his interest in themed entertainment design, his start at Disney, and a lot more. Carson also worked on concepts as a show designer for Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland. That striking land goes well beyond just providing a place to meet Mickey and his friends. Carson’s original design for Mickey’s house ended up setting the mold for uses in other mediums beyond the park.