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WERE THERE Academy Awards for photography of short subjects as well as feature films, Alfred Milotte unquestionably now would have two of them gracing his mantle. Awards have been made to Walt Disney Productions for the fruits of Milottes photography—‘‘Seal Island" (1950), and "Beaver Valley" (1951), and only because there is not a separate Academy Awards category for short subjects photography were these fine color featurettes prevented from taking two "Oscars" each, instead of one.

As a result of his camera record of wildlife for Walt Disneys sensational new True-Life Adventure series of short features, Al Milotte is receiving recognition and honors as a leading lensman in this fascinating field. In the amazing assembly of wilderness creatures caught in their life-and-death drama in Disneys "Beaver Valley" featurettes, Milotte has repeated and exceeded his camera exploits in reporting the summer cycle of the seal harems on the Pribilof Islands for "Seal Island."