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Entering the world of Pixar Animation Studios is like stepping into a movie scene. The lawn is vast and immaculate, the cars in the parking lot gleam, and the sun warms the atrium reception where life-size models of Mike and Sulley, the comical monsters from the companys hit movie "Monsters, Inc." greet visitors with their lovable smiles.

The idyllic setting even extends into the IT department.

Sitting in a stylishly ergonomic Herman Miller chair, wearing jeans and sweater, IT executive Peter Kaldis chills out to the Depeche Mode tune emanating from his sound system. Kaldis is a self styled "Unix Lizard" (he says so on his business card). He is calm and collected despite the pressure he faces fixing bugs and upgrading systems so Pixar's army of animators can use them full throttle in production of the studio's next project, a feature film called "Finding Nemo? about a fish family.