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Pixar and Disney unite for the animated smash of the year. We talk to the VFX teams about the time, techniques and talent behind their latest movie

Pxar's fifth feature-length 3D animation is also the companys fifth blockbuster. Finding Nemo's US release surpassed records set by Disney's mighty The Lion King and arrives in the UK this month. The film centres on Marlin and Nemo, father and son clown fish separated on Australias Great Barrier Reef. Their efforts to be reunited gave Pixar's legendary animators and technicians plenty to do as our two heroes swim their way to each other through stunningly complex, water environments.

Despite well-publicised cuts in crew and budget since production began back in 2000, Finding Nemois now being hailed as a technical triumph following Pixar's titanic advances in water simulation. According to Executive Producer and creative guru John Lasseter ( Toy Story, Monsters inc}, "This movie absolutely raises the bar for Pixar and for the art of computer animation."