Didier Ghez: When and where you were born and what you did before you joined Disney?

Jeff Burke: I was born in Fullerton, which is a small town in Orange County. I was born in 1948 and my folks lived with my mother’s parents. My grandparents had a ranch in Anaheim and so when I was just an infant I was about a half a mile away from the future site of Disneyland. They raised citrus and walnuts on acreage that they had in Anaheim, California. My mom and dad moved to Pasadena when I was about three, and so my earliest recollections of the ranch where I was still a baby, I can only remember when I had moved away and we would go for visits to their place. It was, I don’t know how many acres, but they had a really good-sized place where they had both orange groves and walnut trees. My earliest recollections were of growing up in Pasadena, and that’s where I first started school at the age of five, starting kindergarten in Pasadena and then moving to Arcadia, which is not that far from Pasadena, a suburb of Los Angeles. That’s where I grew up for the rest of my school years, all the way through graduating from high school.


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