Edward Summer: I’m doing an article for a magazine called The Monster Times, which is mostly for younger readers and it concentrates largely on fantasy and science fiction. So, I began to research you and found I couldn’t find a completely coherent biography.

Sterling Holloway: It’s probably a little like I am myself, a little incoherent.

ES: The magazine just became national and we’re trying to appeal to a wider audience. We’re hoping to do a whole issue on Disney. … We were talking about that beautiful scene in The Jungle Book with Shere Khan.

SH: That’s the great thing about the animators. When you’re working, you know, and doing the lines, the animators are present all the time watching you to get little characteristics or little facial expressions into the drawings of a snake or a skunk or a stork or whatever. And that’s why these things become so personal.

In Dumbo, I play a stork and they did the feathers of the stork like my hair does. You see my hairdo, [it looks] like I’ve been caught in the rain.


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