[…] [The Tomorrow Society Podcast] originally spoke with sound designer Greg Meader on Episode 67 back in March [2019]. [They] covered a lot during that show, including his work on the Jeremy Irons version of Spaceship Earth and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. There was still a lot more to discuss from his career, however.

Greg has worked on more than just projects for Disney. He also did sound for multiple attractions at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, concert films for NSYNC and U2, early audio concepts for Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, and simulators for Iwerks Entertainment. Those examples actually represent just a small fraction of Greg’s work. Along with those projects, we also cover the following Disney topics on this episode:

  • What was it like to record the new audio for the 1993 update of Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress?
  • How were the early versions of on-board audio at Space Mountain in Disneyland tested?
  • What was the different version of Catastrophe Canyon at the Disney/MGM Studios that Greg prefers to the finished product?
  • Where could you hear Greg’s voice at the Great Movie Ride at the Studios?
  • What was it like to work on the sound for the holiday version of the Country Bear Jamboree for Tokyo Disneyland?