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Disneyland’s stately Haunted Mansion provides an elegant residence for 999 ghosts, ghouls and mischievous spirits who are just dying to entertain visitors in the “‘Magic Kingdom’s’” newest fun-scare adventure.

Haunting houses isn’t what it used to be. Time was when a ghost with a little ambition could send shivers down the spine of castle occupants with no major complications. Now however, the electronic age has taken over and the
once simple and honest profession of haunting has become streamlined, computerized, and smooth as silk.

To increase the fun of Disneyland, the Walt Disney experts have been hard at work creating ectoplasmic ghosts, spirits and restless spooks to inhabit their Haunted Mansion. The project cost $7 million dollars making it the most expensive haunted house in the world.

In order to frighten the daylights out of paying customers, engineers were asked to invent substitute spooks for the attraction, since normal creatures of this ilk don’t like to work during the daytime.

A number of problems were encountered when the Disney folk set down to collective bargaining sessions with the ghost union, so it was decided to replace the eerie folk with buttons.


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