SHEFFIELD, Iowa – If you're flying over this part of the country in a jetliner, look down and scan the land for the grinning face of Mickey Mouse.

It's there, all right, in the field of the farming Pitzenberger family – 520 acres of corn and oats planted in the shape of Mickey's famous mug.

The Walt Disney company contracted with Walt Buehlje, who owns the land, and the Pitzenbergers, who farm it, to plant the mouse in celebration of his 60th anniversary.

The site lies below several major east-west and north-south airline routes and the grinning Mickey can be easily seen from 30,000 feet, said Disney spokeswoman Mimi Schaaf.

The farmfield has grabbed the attention of north-central Iowa and has helped distract from a dismal drought year that has withered half of the state's corn crop.