The seventeen year old me, stepping onto the school bus headed for Grad Nite at Disneyland could never have imagined that years later (and I won’t tell you how many) I’d get to sit down and talk with the man man who was involved in the conception and marketing of Disneyland’s Grad Nite. But that’s exactly what happened when recently, I got to spend some time with Jack Lindquist, Disneyland’s first advertising manager and later, Disneyland’s first president.

To get to chat with someone who was there at the beginning, who knew Walt Disney, who not only watched Disneyland grow from “Walt’s Folly” into the park it is today, but who also was one of the people making Disneyland into the park we all love and know today ... for someone like me who has a nearly life-long love of Disneyland, it was a rare treat, indeed.

Jack Lindquist is a warm and welcoming guy and it was pure pleasure getting to chat with him. He’s the kind of person who from the get-go, you know you’d like to be able to call “friend.” And working for the Disney Company for 38 years, well, I’m sure you can imagine ... the things Jack has seen and done, the places he has been, the stories he has to tell!

Though you may not get the chance to sit down and talk face to face as I did, the stories are still at your touch. Jack has written a memoir entitled, "In Service To The Mouse." I’ve been lucky enough to read a sampling of chapters and I’m telling you, Dear Readers, you will love this book. We’ll get to the book ordering information in a bit, but first let’s sit down for a chat so I can tell you a few stories Jack Lindquist told me.


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