Four representatives of Walt Disney's animation department came to George Washington University recently to show films and, hopefully, recruit new blood for their film company.

There were four of them: Animator "Woolie" Reitherman, one of the "Nine Old Men" Disney employed on his most ambitious early cartoon projects; John Culhane, cartoon historian, (and voice of Mr. Snoops in "The Rescuers"); Tom Wilhite, a 28-year-old vice president for creative development; and 22-year-old Disney animator John Lasseter, winner of two student awards for animation.

Lasseter, outlining details for prospective animators' portfolios, said, "We don't really want pictures of fuzzy bunnies. If you can't draw, but are a good artist, send us your best work, or a photograph of it. We may be able to use you, even if you're a sculptor."