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The purpose of the paper is corporate strategy comparison Walt Disney Company and Oriental Land Corporation. These firms man-age Disney theme parks in America and Japan. Both of them are successful. However, they have different policy, organization, ability, history, corporate culture, corporate philosophy. Many people think both firms are similar company and have similar strategy. How-ever, they have different strategies. Running Disneyland needs different strategy if they are located in different countries. That means running successful Disneyland in developed countries needs different strategies. Walt Disney is a movie production in Hollywood, and their evaluation is only box office in America. Walt Disney is performance based evacuation. They are extremely talent oriented. Their main business had been movie since establishment by Walt Disney. He diversified to theme park business, that is Disneyland. On the other hand, Oriental Land was established as a joint venture of two Japanese firms, Keisei Railway and Mitsui Fudosan. They still keep Japanese Management System, and Japanese ‘salary man’ work for Oriental Land. The two firms are based on these back-ground, they have different policy, human resource system, evaluation system, and strategy. Core strategy of Walt Disney is diversi-fication and second use of character and movie contents to gain synergy effect. Core strategy of Oriental Land is production of non-Disney Contents, non-theme park business, and new business out of Maihama area.