[About One Hundred and One Dalmatians]
Ken Anderson: The Xerox process was crude at first, but we got better towards the end. We could only work in black and white Xerox for One Hundred and One Dalmatians. We got better Xerox towards the end and I did the backgrounds in the same way. Now they can get tints and colors. Ronald Searle was a very good friend of mine and I was always enamored of his work. I have an original background painting of his. I very definitely went for his English style. I loved that soft color, muted greys, and tonal values. To get the authentic feeling of London and England, I had a little talk with Ronald Searle and his wife Kaye Webb and he helped me a lot in getting the Englishness in the film. I had corresponded with Searle and I was very impressed. They sent me photos of Regent’s Park and we discussed color. I have a letter from him somewhere. Ronald Searle even sent me a congratulatory telegram.


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