If you, like me, love many of the things that Walt Disney Productions created before Michael Eisner came on board in 1984, like The Disney Channel, TRON and the original EPCOT Center, you have a much-unsung hero to thank for that: Ron Miller.

When Miller came on board, the whisper campaign about him was nothing less than vicious, saying that he had no right to head up the company his father-in-law created. But he never said a thing about his tenure at Disney (1978-1984) until he neared the end of his life, and even then had nothing bad to say, even about those who had wronged him.

Ronald William Miller was 21 years old when a friend set him up on a blind date with Diane Disney, then 20 years old. He was then a student and football player at USC. He and Diane married in 1954 and he served in the US Army before joining the Los Angeles Rams. (I kind of hope he was happy to see them move back home.)