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ANAHEIM, Calif. – On Disneyland's Main Street where the old is artfully blended with the new, stands one of the $17,000,000 park's top money-making attractions – the Penny Arcade. It boasts 100 coin-operated machines that date back thru the years of Arcade history. As in days of old, most of the machines are on penny operation.

The Penny Arcade, located en the turn-of-the century Main Street at Disneyland, is one of the top crowd pleases at Anaheim. Esmeralda, fortune-telling machine, heads the center line of antique games.

The 12 Mutoscopes in the middle aisle at the Disneyland Penny Arcade feature old-time subjects. Working on pennies, they capture a goodly share of the gross revenue. Machines such as these were bought from Mike Munveo in New York and refinished in the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank before being placed on location.

Cail-O-Scopes are spotted thruout the Penny Arcade at Disneyland. In the background is the shooting gallery, which is reported to hava genessd $225 in a three-hour period.

The Wurlitzer Band Organ at the entrance to the Penny Arcade to Disneyland was built in Germany in 1900 but assembled in this country. It is one of the few pieces for which 10 cents is charged. The massive musical Instrument was a problem to get into the building and required extra manpower to tilt and lift it into place.

While most of the games at the Disneyland Penny Arcade date back te early in the century, some modern unite are used. This room with athletic games and ray guns is off from the main Arcade. Vending machines are also scattared thruout the building.