Main Topic: Jambo Everyone.. It's her.. Stacey! Wow! We are so excited to bring to you our interview with Stacey Aswad. Not only is Stacey a beloved Disney personality from every resort TV at Walt Disney World, but she is an exremeley talented! 

Stacey Aswad's Bio: 

Stacey J. Aswad, a Juilliard School BFA Dance graduate, has endless amounts of energy, charm, intelligence and confidence in television, web and live event hosting as seen in her award-winning global web show, VO Buzz Weekly, that she produces, writes and co-hosts with renowned demo producer, Chuck Duran. And since 2005, she is loved by millions as Walt Disney World's vivacious host of THE TOP 7 MUST SEES and MUST DO DISNEY resort TV shows.