Christopher Finch & Linda Rosenkrantz: You came here originally as a gag writer for the Mickey Mouse comic strip?

Bill Walsh: That’s correct.

CF&LR: How did you get from there into producing and writing live action?

BW: God knows. It all seems sort of strange. See, we were going to make movies in England at that time.

CF&LR: This was about 1949?

BW: Yeah, about then because we had no money to make movies in Hollywood, but we did have some frozen pounds in England. So Walt began to brood about the frozen pounds, which was money over there but it wasn’t over here, and he decided to do films in England. The first one was Treasure Island and the second one was Robin Hood. At the time of Robin Hood, I bumped into him on the street, and he said, “Will you come along with me?” I said, “What do I do because I’m still doing the Mickey Mouse comic strip?” He said, “Well, we’ll think of something when we get there.” So we go there and sure enough, there was nothing for me to do. I had to think up something. […]

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