[…] The crew welcomes Jim Sarno, an artist who has been all over the entertainment industry. Jim spent some time with The Muppets, Hannah-Barbera and beyond. He moved into the Disney realm, getting his first gig with MAPO, making body parts out of fiberglass.  As you listen to this episode, you will hear Jim drop so many names of his former friends & colleagues, which is super interesting.

Jim was moved away from MAPO and joined 'The Model Shop', which he discusses working on the early EPCOT Center models at the time. The conversation also leads to some insight into Teddy Ruxpin. We get into the main things Jim did, which were SMRT-1 and the sculpture/fountain in The Land. Jim has some first hand knowledge on how he made SMRT-1 and also what parts went into making him. 
We discuss the secret signature within the fountain and also some other place Jim worked, including Disneyland. He designed the landing platform for Tinkerbell! This is a great episode, with lots of neat facts and stories we never would have heard without Jim joining us. Huge thanks goes out to him for taking the time to sit down and chat with us.