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Eighteen of the country’s top naturalist-cinematographers contributed rare and skillfully photographed studies of plant and minute animal  life for Walt Disney’s “Secrets of Life.”

TO GET THE fascinating material for “Secrets of Life,” his most extravagant True Life Adventure film Walt Disney commissioned eighteen top ranking naturalis – ameramen to concentrate their cameras on the lower levels of animal existence and Nature's most closely guarded mysteries.

The rarnge of this latest naturalist-photographer's report is literally world wide, extending from our doorstep to the farthest horizons. Several years were spent in spying out obscure facts in underground tunnels, in oceanic depths, tidal margins and wild gardens to compile this spectacular vision of a world so close about us yet so remote to common knowledge.

It has remained a secret world largely because its denizens are comparatively small, many of them almost invisible. Yet here in violent competition for existence, whipped by the basic passions of universal life, are some of the fiercest, strongest, strangest, most gorgeous  and most highly socialized and strictly governed beings in our universe.