p. 643

The “Circarama” system, developed by Walt Disney Studios, films extraordinary movies-in-the-round views of breath taking action and beauty, for projection on the huge screen that completely encircles spellbound audiences at Disneyland. Circarama! Nine Arriflex 16 cameras with standard 400-foot magazines. Installed around a pedestal, shooting into individual angled mirrors, to achieve a combined 360° field of view. Operated and monitored from a single control panel. A highly versatile, transport- table camera cluster. Fitted to racing cars . .. suspended from high-altitude aircraft... dollied through subterranean caverns ... shoehorned into small boats ... hoisted aloft on towering masts. Subjected to extreme heat and sub-freezing cold ... with top performance reliability under all conditions! Whether you use one or nine... no other camera does the job as well as Arriflex!