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Circarama, an advance motion picture development consisting of a continuous image focused on a full 360 degree circular screen, was one of the outstanding innovations introduced at Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California, when it opened to the public last month. There, Circarama is a free attraction in American Motor Corporation’s exhibit in the Tomorrowland area of Walt Disney’s amusement park.

Hailed as a step forward in the motion picture art, Circarama consists of a synchronized battery of Eastman 16mm model 25 sound projectors which simultaneously project color and sound movies on 11 individual screens arranged in a complete circle. It constitutes the first known application of color and sound pictures to the circular screen. (It had been accomplished with black-and-white and silent films about forty years ago for a world’s fair exhibit.) Spectators, standing in the middle of a specially-built theater, view the continuous action on an overhead screen eight feet high and 40 feet in diameter, which completely encircles the audience.