Marc Davis: Well, I’ll simply say this for the record, because this will be the gist of our meetings yesterday, was that I suggested we put together some kind of a film. This film, it was generally decided, should be slides which can change from time to time. It should not be  narrated by one of us; it should be done in a professional manner. Two is, the kind of people they should send around are not our own  people, but, say, Ray Bradbury has a marvelous flair for talking with young people at universities. They love him, and he happens to be very  high on us. He could be employed in this manner. Also, Bob Thomas is another name that came up, that would be known. Now, these men  could go to the right university or the right location, as we wished, and could make a presentation or something like this—discuss the  creativity of this organization, and it’s like having an agent. In other words, I think it would be much better and much easier for someone away from here to say what this organization is.


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