In 2014, while researching the first volume of the They Drew As They Pleased book series, The Hidden Art of Disney’s Golden Age (Chronicle Books, 2015), [Didier Ghez] had the pleasure of locating the long-lost diaries of Disney concept artist Ferdinand Horvath. The diaries covered all of Horvath’s life from the 1920s to the early 1970s. The first half was written in German, the other in English. The same dealer who had preserved those diaries for close to 25 years also preserved a collection of original letters from Horvath. A large part of them, written in Hungarian, were sent in 1933 to his wife, Elly. Ferdinand had moved from New York to Los Angeles, leaving Elly behind since his Disney contract was short-term. When things started to stabilize professionally, the flow of letters stopped abruptly since Elly had joined Ferdinand in Los Angeles.


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