The Carousel of Progress. It’s a Small World. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Journey Into Imagination. These classic Disney attractions have one important thing in common — they all contain brilliant songs by the Sherman Brothers. I cannot imagine any of those experiences without the memorable tunes that go along with them. For example, the original Imagination ride is long gone, but we all remember the way the music led us through the entire show.

Richard and Robert Sherman enjoyed a diverse and distinguished career that went far beyond their impact on Disney’s theme parks. It’s easy to forget many of their contributions and just concentrate on Mary Poppins and the parks. Those examples barely scratch the surface of the Sherman Brothers’ work. Kathryn M. Price’s new book Walt Disney’s Melody Makers helps to rectify those omissions. This well-researched biography offers an engaging, warm look at the life of two composers that helped create so much of Disney’s memorable offerings.