JOE FOWLER: I graduated, or I retired, I should say, from the Naval Service in 1949, after about 35 years of service, and I went to [a military facility] and had my own office. I was only there about a year and a half, when the new Secretary of Defense asked me to go back to Washington to head up a group to eliminate all waste for the government. Two-and-a-half years I did that for Truman. He was very enthusiastic about this work crew. I used to meet with him one-on-one about that once a month. Wonderful guy...

Harry Wessel: This was while the White House was under reconstruction, right? Was it over at Blair House that you met him?

No, no. This had nothing to do with the White House. This was for the government as a whole: eliminate all of the [duplication]. […]

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