Didier Ghez: Where and when were you born?

LUCILE BOSCHE: Burbank, California, at St. Joseph’s Hospital, which is located across the street from Walt Disney Studios. When I was born my father Bill was not yet working at the studio, but when my sister Anne-Marie was born six years after, my dad was able to walk across the street from work to visit my mother and my new baby sister!

DG: When did you first become aware of the world of Disney? Was it watching television or being taken to Disneyland or hearing your parents talk about it around the house?

All of the above. My dad started working for the studio in 1953 when I was just a year old. His first project was Lady and the Tramp. My [paternal] grandmother later purchased a small pair of ceramic figurines of Lady and Tramp, and my grandfather mounted them on a piece of wood to commemorate their son’s first Disney product. I still have those figurines in my curio cabinet. […]

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