EPCOT: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It has been called Walt Disney’s greatest dream. In the ranks of futurists, EPCOT has taken on an almost mysterious quality. Long-anticipated and much talked about, Disney’s nebulously defined future city has been under a cloak of secrecy since its inception.

Just when some were beginning to wonder if EPCOT would ever become reality, Disney executives have announced its opening date: October 1, 1982.

Walt Disney had many dreams. It was his habit to classify them by numbered “master plans.” Master Plan 67 became Disneyland. Master Plan 17 is Walt Disney World. EPCOT is Walt Disney’s Master Plan 5.

Now EPCOT is officially underway, with at least four major corporations and 10 foreign governments committed to co-developing the expensive and ambitious project, along with Walt Disney Productions.

But according to Master Plan 5, EPCOT will never be finished.


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