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When you visit Walt Disney’s fabulous "Disneyland" in California this year, or next year, you’ll want to do two things for sure. One is to bring along your movie camera—for "Disneyland," and your family’s enjoyment of it, is certain to provide marvelous movie material. And the second is to visit the Kodak exhibit on "Main Street."

Faithfully depicting the busy main street of a typical small American town of 1893, "Main Street" leads into "Disneyland's" "Fantasy Land," "Frontier Land," "Tomorrow Land," and other areas. The Kodak exhibit will bring to life an old-time professional photographer’s studio of the day, plus displays of beginnings of movies and stereo.

Chances are you'll have film in your camera and carrying case for the trip but it’s nice to know that Cine-Kodak and Kodak films arc available everywhere at "Disneyland."