Cartoons especially made for RADIO MIRROR by Walt Disney. Tune in his Theater of the Air Sundays at 5:30 p.m., over the NBC-Red network, sponsored by The Pepsodent Company.

Donald Duck is chief of staff.
If he doesn't get a laugh
He'll chop the microphone in half --
The Karloff of the air!

Though Bing may mean a lot to you,
When Pluto murmurs "Boo-boo-boo"
You'll know he is a crooner, too,
And love is on the air.

This trio, by the name of Pig,
Will entertain with song and jig.
They know no Wolf, though Bad or Big
Can catch them on the air!

Minnie Mouse, of course, takes part.
She's the girl of Mickey's heart.
Though she's wedded to her art
She won't give him the air!

The Goof may wear a goofy smirk
But nary a broadcast will he shirk.
He's really tied up in his work.
He can't get off the air!

Twine red roses 'round the hall!
Though he's very, very small
He's the biggest star of all --
Mickey's on the air!

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