JC: Well, the one time I met him, I met him twice, and the first day I met him he said, “Where’re you from?” I said, “I’m from a small town in Illinois.” He said, “What small town in Illinois?” I said, “Rockford.” He said, “Oh, hell, I know Rockford! I know all about the sticks.”

Did you ever hear the story about his trip to Canada? When we were filming a lot of 16mm True-Life Adventure films... He had a lot of beautiful 16mm cameras and all the film. So he and his family had lived on a little farm or ranch or whatever you want to call it in Canada. He took cameras and film, and Lilly went up there and shot everything. He thought he’d take it back and surprise Roy. So he gets a projector, sets it all up, and calls Roy and says, “Come on up, I’ve got a surprise for you.” He comes up and Roy looks at the film. Walt says, “So what did you think?” Roy says, “That’s the place next door.” [Laughs] […]

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