pp. 42-43

[image]AN excellent example of Walt Disney’s flight of fancy in the matter of architecture. A scene which is typical of his vivid imagination. Below: A Heath Robinson-like device for egg-collecting from Funny Little Bunnies.[/image]

[image]THE creator of Mickey Mouse is always at his best when portraying animals – an example from Birds in Spring. Right: One of the most amusing combinations of cartoon and melody from Noah's Ark.[/image]

[image]RHYTHM in line and tune is well illustrated by this excerpt from The Pied Piper. Below: Probably the most popular of all the famous cartoonist’s symphonies, Three Little Pigs.[/image]

[image]THERE is charm and a true understanding of child mentality in Lullaby Land while, left, Disney’s reproductions of insects always manage to include familiar characteristics – a scene from The Grasshopper and the Ants.[/image]