The story of the lives of Bonney Lake’s famed wildlife cinematographers, Alfred and Elma Milotte, has been derived from the many boxes of photos and documents that were donated to the Greater Bonney Lake Historical Society (GBLHS) in 2012 by Elma’s nephew, Lawton Case. With sixty-five boxes to inventory and archive, the historical society had a monumental task before it. Thanks goes to the City of Bonney Lake for allowing GBLHS space in which to perform the arduous task of archiving.

Piecing together their life’s story from the thousands of photos, journals, and especially the innumerable scraps of paper with notes written on them has taken us on a worldwide journey. We got to view that world as it was in 1940, 1950, and 1960 from Alfred and Elma’s perspective. So many things were different then, but there are some constants that are still with us. We still have a concern for wildlife conservation, but over the decades, many animal species counts are dwindling.


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