JOE GRANT: I was born in New York on May 15, 1908, and we were living at Riverside Drive at the time. When I was two years old, I was brought out here and spent most of my life in California. [My father] was the art director for William Randolph Hearst, mostly in the Citizen Kane era. He took care of the New York American, of the New York Journal, and of one paper down in Georgia. Finally we came out here together. It was a matter of domestic strife. There were problems. He became addicted to alcohol, and his career... He was very close to William Randolph Hearst for many years, but it sort of deteriorated. He was an extremely talented and precocious artist on his own. I have one sister. Every time there was a problem, my grandfather, who was quite well off, would send for my mother to come out here. Sometimes she would stay east. I’d come out with my father. It was a sort of a mobile existence. […]

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