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Walt Disney’s desire to learn and teach is legendary at Walt Disney World, particularly in the Imagineering Department — the place where Disney magic is created. “Arnie Stuvard, our senior executive in Imagineering, worked with Walt around the time he created Disneyland in Anaheim, California,” said Rick Rothschild, executive producer at Imagineering. “He talks about a time where Walt was walking through the hallways of the studio, and nobody came up and asked him any questions, and it seemed like everything was working fine and that was the moment that worried him the most.”

A Zoo, Disney Style The newest park addition in Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort is the spectacular Animal Kingdom, a 500 acre environment that comes from a collaboration between experts in different aspects of animal behavior and the creative minds of the Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) team. A celebration of all animals, Animal Kingdom presents visitors with an environment that allows them to interact intimately with its inhabitants. Imagineers and caretakers have created a world that presents them in all their furred, feathered and colorful glory.