pp. 16-17 p. 83

THIS IS the story of the most famous rodent in the world.

One that jumps, dances, sings, speaks French, Spanish, German and Italian. And of course his own native tongue, English. From Hollywood to Timbuctoo his presence is an every day occurrence. At breakfast the cereal is shaken out of a box over which he trips the light fantastic. His arms click around clocks and watches to remind you that time flies. The kids wear his clothes and play with him all day long. He's a doll, a kiddie car, a jumping jack and even a balloon. Broadway shops and trading posts in Africa sell over 6OO products that sponsor the little creature.

Who is this remarkable personage whom children know better than Santa Claus? Whom kings and queens and all the great men and women in the world acclaim? This rodent who along with the Prince of Wales and such fellows as Josef Vissarionovich Djugashhirli Stalin made Great Britain’s "Who's Who of the World" while Hitler didn't even get a mention.

Well, here's a clue. The Art Workers Guild of London, filled with such Royal Academicians as Bernard Shaw, has made him an honorary member. The Queen of Italy formally requested that he he on hand for the arrival of the royal heir to the throne. Can you guess who he is yet ?

You and I know him as Mickey Mouse. But, you ask, how does it happen that a mouse, the mildest and meekest of all tiny creatures, should receive all this glory and honor?

It's as simple as this. A certain man wanted to earn a living. This man was the kind who had to do a job well if he did it at all. His name was Walt Disney.