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Visitors to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Disneyland have come to learn that film can be used to create many effects — from rear screen projections that form unusual backgrounds to the total immersion of 360° CircleVision. This spectrum of possibilities often has been used to great effect. Still, cinema hardly plays a dominant role in making the magic of the Magic Kingdoms, so it may come as something of a surprise to visitors to Epcot Center to discover the remarkable variety of film presentations and techniques that are so much a part of the fulfillment of Walt Disney's greatest dream.

Whether an Epcot Center visitor is a student of cinematic technique or just a guest eager to have a terrific time, each is likely to be dazzled by the films of Epcot Center. Disney's Imagineers have taken a medium that merely entertains guests in the Magic Kingdoms — in such CircleVision 360° shows as Magic Carpet 'Round the World in Florida and America the Beautiful in California— and created movie shows for Epcot Center that literally stun the senses, by making quantum leaps forward in both film technique and content.