Today, we conclude our interview with former Disney Imagineer Brian Collins. In part 1, we talked about how he got started working for Disney at the front desk of Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort, how he worked himself from there to Imagineering, what Imagineering’s headquarters are like and some of his favorite memories from being there, and how he applied what he learned in school to being an Imagineer, including some unexpected ways.

Now, in this episode, Brian talks about…

  • A class he thought he would enjoy but hated … and then it came back to be a huge help to him when working on the Great Movie Ride
  • Writing family-friendly graffiti for the backlot area of Disney’s MGM Studios
  • Experiencing the Magic Kingdom with Disney Legend John Hench
  • Suggestions for how people can develop curiosity in themselves
  • How his Imagineering experience has helped him since moving on from working with Disney
  • What he would do if he could have any job working for Disney
  • Tips for you for visiting the Disney theme parks
  • What he never gets asked that he wishes people would ask him
  • What inspires him
  • His advice to you for following your dream

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