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Euro-Disney’s Golf Clubhouse is initially seen as an object on the horizon. Three distinct roof forms—a dome, a barrel vault, and a curved, segmented shed—distinguish the primary programmatic volumes in contrast to the natural setting.

Connecting the separate site and building circulation systems, the vehicular entry porch with a skylighted canopy extends through the building as the public access gallery. The 11,000-square-foot ground floor houses locker rooms, a store, a restaurant-bar and kitchen, and administrative offices. Two large exterior terraces provide ground-floor views to the golf course. The 9,500-square-foot lower level accommodates parking and service for 120 golf carts, staff support space, and a vehicular ramp from grade.

As in all of our work for Walt Disney World and Euro-Disney, the Golf Clubhouse is an abstract collage of form and color. It is intended to evoke memories and expectations, as opposed to making literal or figural allusions.