Tom Bancroft from 'The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast,' along with Roto-Writer, MJ Edwards, joins Chelsea for this fun chat about the 1988 Touchstone/Amblimation film, 'Who Framed Rogger Rabbit'!   Highlights Catch 'N' Fire with MJ and Tom Nerdy Couch Discussion: The Roger Rabbit Shorts! Who's the guy in the rabbit costume? Andreas Deja's favorite nickname History of Touchstone  Tom's top selling book that never was Main Discussion:  Money, Money, Money, Money! How many artists does it take to clean up after themselves? Cameras, Props, and 'Star Wars' comparisons We love the 40's Bob Hoskins did so much better than Scooby Do Daffy and Donald take the stage Shave and a Haircut "He makes me laugh" An animator's view and the Red Line Best. Line. Ever.  The ending is kind of weird... all five of them.