I have spent almost two years researching the life of effects animator Cy Young. Originally, I had written a brief tribute about Young in a blog post back in 2010, with a majority of the information provided by animation historian Joe Campana. But I realized I had a lot more to learn and inaccurate information to correct. I also had to locate reliable sources to support all of this. I got into contact with some of Young’s family members, who confirmed that he was in fact Chinese and that his original surname was “Yang”. It was a real educational experience to hear from Young’s family and to discover information which nobody had known until now. Evidently, Cy Young has never been interviewed by any historian, so this essay is based on those sources related to Young, as well as those who knew him. Thanks to the amounts of research I’ve gathered, I now have a clear understanding of who Cy was as a person. […]

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