On this episode we explore the fabulous 40's, Disney's most tumultuous decade.  It was a time of great promise and a time of tremendous defeat.  It really isn't like anything before or after.  The 40's brought us the most animated feature films of any decade and yet feels like an overlooked an underapprecated time period.
  • We discuss Fantasia's amazing concept and ultimate misfortune
  • We discuss WWII's impact on the studio and its releases
  • We discuss the strike and the widening void between Disney and his artists
  • We discuss the career of Claude Coats and his role in the company
Disney history writer J.B. Kaufman joins us along with Alan Coats to discuss some of the more challenging periods in Disney history: The failure of both Fantasia and Pinocchio, the exploration of the package films, and the problems brought on by war and the strike.