On this particular episode we return to our look at the Hyperion Studio and examine one area that Disney improved its product over the 14 year life if the studio. as early as 1931 Disney decided that its approach to animation would need to get better and evolve. But they could not do it alone.

After asking around at different schools in Hollywood, Nelbert Chouinard who was the founder of The Chouinard Art Institute offered Disney a deal that would allow his artists to take life drawing classes and advance the study of animation.

The advancement during the 30's is exponential. Disney went from a run-of-the-mill rubber hose animation studio to creating the first full length animated feature, and most of the advancement came from the Chouinard Institute.

Through the years different artists who would go one to become Disney Legends began their career at Chouinard and in the end Disney would eventually help Chouinard transition into Cal Arts in the 1970's