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TOMORROWLAND — a section of the fabled Disneyland — is attracting thousands of people daily for a preview of what our world will be like in 1986. Helping these visitors meet their Tomorrowland futures more than half way are some of the most unique motion picture exhibition techniques developed in recent years. At three of Tomorrowland's key exhibits, visitors will be surrounded by motion pictures, projected into space with their help and taken thousands of feet below the surface of the earth. Each a major technical achievement in its own right, these show-stopping exhibits are: [
  • American Motors presents CIRCARAMA – Colorful Travel Adventure "In the Round"
  • The Richfield Oil Corporation Shows You the Story of "The World Beneath Us"
  • Trans World Airlines Previews Lunar Space Travel With "A Trip to the Moon"
] […] Through the whole operation is a careful balance between physical and intellectual experience — of doing things and of learning things. Tomorrowland illustrates this pattern well. In addition to its theater presentation, for example, Richfield Oil runs one of the most popular rides on the grounds — the Autopia. Laid out on the pattern of a futuristic superhighway, this ride gives kids and their dads a chance to wheel gasoline operated model sports cars under realistic conditions, but at top speeds of 11 mph. Also close by is a speed boat ride, run on a specially created river with boats adapted from proven ultra-modern racing hulls.

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