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On behalf of The Walt Disney Company, I would like to welcome everyone to the Disney Legends Award Ceremony.

The Disney legends Award Program honors individuals whose body of work has made a significant impact on the Disney Legacy. This program is supervised by a Board of Directors and administered by the Disney University.

Today, we are gathered to honor not just one, but rather ten individuals, and to initiate them as the founding recipients of the Disney Legends Award. Comprising this Founders Circle are Ub Iwerks, master animator and creative genius, and Walt's "Nine Old Men": Les Clark, Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Milt Kahl, Ward Kimball, Eric Larson, John Lounsbery, Woolie Reitherman, and Frank Thomas.

Collectively, they helped establish The Walt Disney Company as the pre-eminent provider of family entertainment in the world today. The impact of their work is immeasurable, and as we recognize their outstanding achievements, I hope you will join me in honoring these Disney Legends.


Michael Eisner
Chairman of the Board
The Walt Disney Company