Didier Ghez: Can you share some memories about Joe Potter?

Bob Gurr: In January 1966, as part of an EPCOT sales junket Walt Disney organized, a dozen of us Disney folks visited several cities across the US using the Mouse, our corporate Grumman aircraft. One stop was to Westinghouse, at the time a large electrical equipment manufacturer located in Pittsburgh. After a tour of its R&D division, hosted by their board chairman, all were treated to a light lunch before returning to our hotel.

As Walt, Joe Potter, and myself exited one of the Westinghouse company limos, Walt said that he was still hungry, and we should all go to the hotel coffee shop to get something else to eat. As we entered the shop, Walt saw that the Disney merchandise was displayed on a bottom shelf. “C’mon, boys, let’s fix this!” Walt exclaimed. We all then proceeded to remove the other items from the top shelf, then move the Disney products from the bottom to the top.

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